Your garden doesn't only consist out of plants and flowers. Most of the time, people want their gardens to simply look good. This can be done using several methods, one of which being decorative garden fencing. Fences come in a multitude of materials used which includes wood, metal, and plastic. Each of these types has different attributes setting them apart from each other. There is something for everyone with these three types of garden fences.

Fences made from wood could be an outcome for you who are looking for a country look. One type of wooden fence is split rail which will provide your garden that rustic look. Wood can be the best type for people searching for a fence which is easy to install. They can be purchased pre-fabricated at most lumber yards and home stores. These ready to install fences can usually be assembled in a single day.

Plastic fencing proves to be an excellent idea for people looking for low maintenance decorative fences. Plastic doesn't require special treatments for maintenance. Also, the plastic composite is able to withstand any type of weather making these fences a great option for people who reside in an area with harsh seasons. Plastic fencing comes in many different looks and colors. If you are looking for the look of a fence made from wood but don't want to deal with the necessary upkeep, plastic composite fencing that imitates the look of wood could be the answer.

Metal fencing is very durable and quite easy to maintain. A good coat of paint will greatly increase its lifetime. Also, these types of fences come in various shapes and sizes for that truly decorative look and feel. However, they can be very expensive and prove hard to install. If you need to re-size a part of your fence, it's not as easy as just cutting a piece off.

If you want to add a certain mood to your garden, as well as protect your garden from intruders, a fence is a solution. Choose whichever type of material suits your needs according to your expectations, possibilities regarding your garden and you maybe even your DIY skills.