Vinyl Fence Repair

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The vinyl fence was first introduced in the 1950's, but today it is one of the most popular home fencing options on the market. This is because it is not only affordable but also easy to maintain and install, making it a good alternative to the wood fences of [...]

What Types of Garden Fencing are There

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Your garden doesn't only consist out of plants and flowers. Most of the time, people want their gardens to simply look good. This can be done using several methods, one of which being decorative garden fencing. Fences come in a multitude of materials used which includes wood, metal, and [...]

Wood Fence Ideas to Choose From

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A quality wood fence not only looks very attractive but it can last for decades if it is properly maintained. In the variable climate and cold winters in Connecticut, there are some techniques you must follow to ensure that your CT fence remains in top shape and retains its [...]

Wooden Fence Maintenance for Winter Season

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Fencing can bring about the much needed privacy and security we want in our homes. Not only that, wood fencing in particular, can also give the house and its surrounding landscape the right touch of rustic charm to complete its look.Hence your property demands intense maintenance during extreme weather. [...]