The landscaping of your garden displays a beautiful lawn, well-cut trees, floral ornaments of amazing quality and also fences to protect it all, which makes a good fence very important.

How Can I Prepare For Fence Installation?

Before any fence installation, you can get prepared for this if you:

  1. Make a drawing of your garden.

  2. Mark the fence and note if there are any ground irregularities.

  3. Determine the height of the fencing you want to have installed.

The question of height and type of material for fences is important for the successful completion of your fencing project as low fences line the garden but do not provide enough privacy.

The ideal height is between 5 and 7 feet to protect you from the eyes of your neighbors for example.

What Types Of Fences Are There?

Among the various existing types of fencing material on the market, you will find:

  • Metal - Sturdier than most wood fencing but more expensive and can rust fairly easily!

  • Wood - Appealing aesthetics with its natural and ecological aspect, yet it will require more attention with regular painting or varnishing and fence repair!

  • Screened - This type of fencing can withstand bad weather, is more aesthetic, and can delineate the terrain without shadows or hidden sides plus looks good when combined with climbing plants!

Fence installation professionals are trained to handle the installation or repair of all types of fences. Fence companies also have the know-how in tree pruning, lawn maintenance and mowing, garden weeding and clearing, plus the creation of paths and amenity areas including shelters, benches, and other similar areas.

What Type of Work is Included With Fence Repair?

Fence repair can range from simply plugging holes or gaps to replacing entire damaged sections which will determine the cost of the work, as more complex repairs will require more materials and labor.

What are some different types of fence repair?

  • Wood Rot - Decay is a natural wood process and one of the most common fence maintenance tasks. To repair decay damage, chemically treat the wood, patch or cover the holes, then varnish or paint the wood. The price of fence repair varies depending on the extent of the damage. If rot has caused structural damage, the entire fence will need to be replaced!

  • Post Replacement - To ensure the structural integrity of a fence, posts support the panels and the rails; however, they can be affected by ground movement where they are placed or damaged during an impact with something like a car. Post replacement is not that expensive and in many cases, such costs can be reduced with a simple repair that should be enough to put back the post back in place!

  • Fence Collapse - The collapse of a fence is more than just an aesthetic problem, as holes in fences may indeed weaken the posts and impact the cost to repair. If fence panels have remained intact, simply put them back up. Otherwise, the top rails and posts will need to be re-installed with new ones!

Any fence you own is going to require fence repair or eventually a complete fence installation as years of weather wear and physical damage take place.

Keep your fences in the best possible shape with regular maintenance by fencing professionals!

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